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When the new Byerly's store in St. Louis Park opened, we were with the original customers at the store. Byerly walked the store with pride and we shopped while watching the tour buses bring international tourists to see the fancy new store. This store evolved with the times and we continue calling Byerly's SLP our home grocery store. Tara A.

When we found out that we were expecting, my husband and I knew that our families were going to be excited. It was the first grandchild on both sides. This baby would turn our parents into grandparents, our brothers into uncles, our sisters into aunts. Sharing the news was fun, but also sort of abstract — we were all still waiting, and it would be for 9 months or so.

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In September, halfway through the pregnancy, we had an ultrasound and could see the gender of the baby. We asked the doctor not to tell us the gender and to put it into a sealed envelope instead. I could almost feel the envelope in my purse, like it was pulsing with all the anticipation that I felt. I told her what we wanted to do — a white cake with either pink or blue frosting inside, depending on what it said in the envelope.

Well, you and the doctor. She quickly wrote down the corresponding color on our order sheet then folded the envelope shut again, grinning like she knew a secret, which, of course, she did. I was beaming, she was beaming and the woman next to me, waiting to order cookies, was beaming. I realized how much joy one baby can bring and how it can ripple out to so many people.

I was reminded of what an absolute miracle it is to have a child, to love a child and to become a parent. I picked up the cake a few days later and our families came over, crowding into the kitchen. As soon as everyone arrived, my husband and I cut the first piece.

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It was the first tangible celebration for this child, the first time he felt like more than an idea. We all felt a shift as our love was grounded: a boy, a son. Lynn A.

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It was my dad's 80th birthday and we were throwing him his first birthday party ever. He lived in Iowa and I lived in Minnesota. I wanted him to have the best cake, so for his party I got two full sheet cakes: one white cake with white frosting my favorite and one chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. At his party, the guests raved about his cake saying it was the best cake they ever had.

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My dad was so happy to have this party, and then for his guests to rave about his cakes, made it even more special. The guests were asking where we got this cake as it was the best they ever had. When I want to get the best cake, I always go to Byerly's or Lunds to get it. Lila L. I have been working at Lund's for 15 years.

I have seen a lot; I remember when people would not appreciate what you do. People would not help each other as much as they do now. It is such a good feeling when somebody asks "Do you need help with that," or "Can I get something down for you? That makes a person feel good; like a queen. I am glad we have a board to recognize people for good deeds. It works both ways.

We had Week of Appreciation at Lake Mills. The greatest appreciation is the band LMG. They are awesome and they rock! Love the T-shirts! I would like to say we have awesome people at Lake Mills, Iowa. They work hard and want the best quality for the customers. The customer comes first! This is my story and I'm sticking to it! Jim M. As a child I will always remember the Bob Hope story.

I remember hearing how much Bob Hope liked shopping at Byerly's whenever he was in town.

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He was just was amazed as he entered the store, a store like he'd never seen before. A fun store to explore with its unique beauty. Every time I enter the Byerly's store I think of Bob Hope and the experience of shopping at such a store. I must agree with Bob Hope on what a nice experience it is every time I shop at Byerly's. Tim C. I started shopping at Byerly's after a triple heart bypass operation.

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My wife said I was going to start eating healthy and that Byerly's had the best food for us. One of the first employees I met was Fennie. She was working as a cashier and some days would act as a manager. I am a Vietnam veteran and I later learned she was born in Vietnam and left as a young child. She reminded me of people I had cared for during the war. I enjoyed interacting with her everyday and asked her about Vietnamese words and so forth.

Fennie has been saving those papers for me everyday. I appreciate it very much.

She seems to know everyone who comes into the store and makes everyone feel good. She now works in the Deli and makes the shopping experience a joy. She is a hard worker. I also think she works another job to help her family. I don't know if her fellow employees appreciate her as much as we shoppers do. If I was the boss, I would want all my workers to be like Fennie. Heather D. One of my favorite stories is from Thanksgiving Each year the kindergarten teachers ask all the children to share how they prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

Needless to say, the stories and instructions are adorable: "cook the turkey for 5 minutes at 5 degrees," or "cook the turkey for hours. Every year I put all the kids in the van and we drive up to Byerlys, open the rear tailgate, and the food is magically placed in the van and we cheer. I thought this was a well kept secret… Little did I know that my kindergartner thought this was how all families prepared the Thanksgiving meal.

For he really thought this was how to prepare the Thankgiving meal. Heather Durenberger.


My first experience with a Lunds store was in Product line pricing is a pricing strategy that uses one product with various class distinctions. My Lunds story began with the store on Silver Lake Road and My kids know they have a cookie waiting for them when we round the corner from a team member who is always helpful. Although the East side has changed over the years, I still enjoy stopping at Byerly's and picking up some good bargains, wonderful deli items and getting my groceries taken to my car by friendly staff.

Mary L. Many years ago when my children were small, I used to make the weekly trip to the SLP Byerly's store. When the older one was in preschool, I would take the younger one with me - it was always easier with just one!

When he was a toddler, he never wanted to ride in the kiddie seat up on top of the cart - it was always down on the bottom - where I had a harder time monitoring his actions. It was easy for something not on the list to make it into that portion of the cart. We worked out an agreement that if he behaved himself, we would get a cookie at the bakery counter.

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Worked like a charm. My son is now grown up with children of his own, hopefully making shopping memories with them!

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