Do cashiers hate coupons

Couponers need to go FUCK themselves

follow The manager, who later identified himself on video as Ken Dudek, began telling Wilburn that the coupons were for the wrong items, so she tried explaining the particulars of the deal. He is heard on camera saying, "I don't have to do it if I don't want to. Police arrived, but no charges were filed.


Wilburn later posted a screenshot of what looked like a private Facebook message from Dudek, telling her he would contact his attorney if she didn't remove the video, which had already gone viral by that time. Representatives at Dollar General's Tennessee headquarters declined to answer questions, but said they "encourage customers to utilize both digital and manufacturer coupons to help them save money.

We take matters like this very seriously and are fully investigating the incident," spokesperson Crystal Ghassemi wrote in an email.

Why I Hate Extreme Couponing at Walmart & What I'm Doing to Make It Better

The local incident is just the latest of many viral videos showing white people calling police on black people for doing innocuous things the callers don't approve of, such as a Yale University graduate student who fell asleep while studying , a little girl who was selling bottled water from her porch and men who were barbecuing with a charcoal grill in an Oakland park.

In fact, just days before Wilburn posted her experience, another post was shared more than a thousand times depicting a CVS employee in Chicago calling police on a black woman trying to use coupons there. No charges were filed against the customer in that case, either, but the employees involved were terminated.

We sift through all the news to give you a concise, informative look at the top headlines and must-read stories every weekday. If, after you have tried to be rational or if the cashier is being difficult , ask for a store manager.

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In most instances, the matter can be resolved right there in the store. Of course, there are times that even this may not address the issue. In that moment, you can bite your lip, pay and leave. You can also opt to just walk out and leave your items at the store. If your issue was not resolved in the store or you were not treated in the write way , contact corporate.

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Each store has a website with contact information. Before you do anything at all, calm down. Your e-mail will be much more rational and easier to type and read. When you type your email, be sure you have the correct store location, date and time that you shopped.

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You will also want to be sure to let them know the name of the cashier or manager who was causing you problems. Just look at your receipt to find everything you need. You can simply provide that to the company when you send your email or visit with them. I have been told time and time again that the managers appreciate this as most of the time, it is a lack of understanding on behalf of that cashier and this helps them determine who did what.

Your e-mail should never include curse words. They will not help your situation and in fact, can make it worse.

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Instead, write it and then read it aloud to yourself. This can help you make sure you are saying what you intend, in the tone you mean for it to come across. Emails can be very hard to interpret, so it is important that you take an extra minute to ensure it is well written.

If you call to talk to someone, it is just as important to stay calm. Remember that you are complaining about something that happened and angry at another person and not the person who happens to answer your call.

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I have been told that the stores actually appreciate you talking to them rather than letting situations brew and fester. Or worse — losing you as a customer over it.

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No, of course not. Coupons are not a big deal. I dislike it when people try to cheat , lie, or game the system, but using coupons is not a problem. I dislike it when. I'm a front-end cashier at a large grocery store in the US. She gives me the okay to take them off her purchase and just do the coupons for the tampons.

They actually ask you to speak up and contact them so that they can make it right. The same holds true with stores and their managers.

Do cashiers hate extreme couponers

And, through calm and rational conversations, my issues have been resolved. As a result, I am willing to go back to that store and shop again. Thank you and I have to agree. Thank you for posting this. This has been fresh on my mind because I just had a bad experience with a cashier. It has happened several times.

Extreme Couponers

We could just hit total if we saw we needed to stop for something move a large item, put some bags in the cart when you hit total, the time stops. I wish I had an unlimited income and could pay full price for everything…okay I would never pay full price for everything! If I am treated poorly at a retail establishment, I always call the store manager. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages. I will be calling Corporate Monday morning and may talk to a lawyer about about discrimination or harassment.. Marvel Studios would be wise to do the Spider-Man technique, which is to keep him on the shelf for a few years, then when audiences are hungry for more of the character, they bring him back. It takes forever and is frustrating when you have to stand there and wait with 2 impatient kids and an impatient mommy.

She does not like coupons, or couponers, and it seems to me she is in the wrong business.