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Inout Smart Deal - Group Buying clone or Groupon clone script Inout Smart Deal is one of the most elegant group buying clone script for deal listing, purchasing and redeeming deals in the market. This Groupon clone or Living Social clone script built in php with mvc framework supports multiple GroupDeal Lite is a full Groupon clone script which is easy to use and set up.

Designed to allow anyone to start offering group buying or daily deals in their local area, GroupDeal Lite is feature packed yet simple enough to use on the most basic of websites. If you just want to offer group deals Start your own Groupon clone website within hours. Groupon clone - Nexploc. This is right chance to start your own daily deal website!!! Nexploc provides the best Groupon clone that allows launch your own daily deal website quickly. This script has a lot of features!!!

Groupon Clone by OM Technologies. Groupon clone by OM Technologies is extremely powerful script built by professionals for professionals. The main goal behind creating the script was to create a deal store, following the latest tendencies in web design. Script is clean and Groupon Clone Enterprise. Agriya Groupon clone deals with group buying in the concept of daily deal script with many features of buy and sell to setup your online business quickly and easily.

Massive Ajax search update with latest CouponXL version. Faster search. It is specialized for selling deals, discounts and coupons online. Also it is optimized and perfect for affiliates websites.

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Affiliate or discount, coupon or deal websites no difference, they will work perfect with CouponXL wordpress theme for coupons, discounts and deals. It is fully responsive, SEO optimised, followed latest web technologies based on Bootstrap framework, clean code and light speed fast. What other say about CouponXL? The theme integrates well with Skrill, Stripe and PayPal, ensuring you get your money?

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Not to mention, the MailChimp compatibility helps you send out as many emails as you want, to bring in more deal purchases. The full membership system brings in a loyal following and potentially creates a nice revenue stream for you. The random code generator works nicely so you don? With features for different types of coupons, social registrations, front-end coupon submissions and more, you can?

LabLover75 5 Stars for everything. Perfect For Afiliates Hide coupon links and use hidden links to cloak your affiliates so you can keep your partners secret. Or both or even free. All is possible with CouponXL. Mega Menu Supported Create your own unlimited awesome custom mega menus for any page you like using links or images up to 4 columns. Very easy to set up by combining main menu and sidebar widgets. Send Payments Make single payment to each customer or make all payments at once with great administration payment tools.

Social Register Allow all website visitors to become full members with social connect. Full Membership System CouponXL allows website owners to choose if they want to allow registering on the website or not, which gives opportunity to use CouponXL only for affiliates for example , without memberships. Awesome Profile Dashboard Truly great fully automated My Profile front end dashboard where your customers can track each deal or coupon they submitted, purchased or they can track vouchers they have. Also they can edit their profiles, submit changes for some deals or coupons.

They can track CTR very important vistors statistics and see what is the best way and what to advertise on the website. All you need to do is to add long. That means that you can translate deals, coupons, offers and signs into SEO optimized links.

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SEO Custom Pretty Permalinks Those extra pages will allow your customers to pick deals and coupons directly from beautifullly designed category, locations and stores pages. Child Theme Support In order to keep your site always fresh and updated and to keep all changes even after updates, we provided full support for child themes.

Unlimited Color Schemes Set up unlimited color schemes troughout website. Set color of the buttons, change main overall website color and brand your website as you like.

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Also you can set up different font for titles and content. Beside that you can set up completely diffrent font for navigation. There are several pages which help your content to promote better like categories, locations, deal single with categories and tags and of course wp blog pages. Beside that you can send due payments to your customers all at once or you can make single payments.

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Different Deals Types There are two different deal types you can choose, you can choose paid deals or affiliate deals. Different Coupon Types There is three different coupon types and few combinations of them. You can choose print coupon, affiliate link coupon and code coupon and you can mix them all with affiliate links.

ognurucbelo.ga All you need to do is to prepare your. Custom Email Messages You can setup basic look and feel of basic email interaction between website owner and customer when they register, lose password or need to discuss some change with you. Custom Login, Register, Forgot Password There is several friendly custom pages like login, register, lost password etc.

Dedicated Customer Support Fast and dedicated customer support trough our specially designed forum where 24h is maximum waiting time. Offers Ratings Allow visitors and customers to rate deals and coupons so new customers will always be informed about quality of coupons and deals on your website. Deal Comments Beside ratings and other methods for customers to check quality of some deals and coupons there is really great comment system for each deal where your customers can track some deals, their quality and find out more from customers comments.

Grid Or List Layout Your customers can choose between two awesome layouts, grid view or list view. Popular Coupons There is a popular coupons and deals which can be listed in specific page template designed specially with purpose to show only popular offers sorted by rate. You can translate complete CouponXL with. Some writing systems of the world like the Arabic and Hebrew scripts in which writing begins at the right-hand side of a page and concludes at the left-hand side. So simple choose desired website direction.

There is great time lapse timer, items bought are, google map and so on. Smart CTR Statistic Today statistics and tracking visitors behavior trough websites are very important. Custom Sidebars A lot of custom sidebars will let you choose completely different widgets in different pages. Mailchimp There is built in MailChimp newsletter where customers can sign up for your email list.

Take control of your newsletter and email campaigns. With CouponXL your customers can choose between time left deals and deals number of items left. All Post Formats Included You will get all post formats included with CouponXL wordpress theme so you can choose wide range of post types.

Simple and easy with one click you can set up your website to looks like demo in full. So you can start building your website from there. Stylish Breadcrumbs Switch Between two kind of breadcrumbs easily, one is with solid color or beautiful image in the background and the other is more standardized version great for keeping your visitors attention straight to content.

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Yo!Deals Packages Offer Value for Money. Choose a suitable plan to launch your local deals marketplace. $ GoQuick with Default Design V2. Nulled is a cracking community, we already have tons of cracked/nulled tools to offer.

Social Share Beautifuly designed social share on each deal, coupon or blog post will let your customers to share your posts and offers at light speed. Notification Bar Infrom your visitors about any changes related to your business trough CouponXL Notification bar which can be permanent or users can remove it. In theme options you can choose between two modes of the navigation easily. Lightspeed Fast Really fast and secure. Communication Allowed CouponXL comes with great discussion based system between website owner and offer submitter. This makes so easy to follow your customers and their wishes.

Fixed issue with coupon modal store image link Store logos on coupons are now clickable functions. Added category on backend offer listing Added new user notification for the admin Fixed bug with non existsing cats and locations Fixed small grammar errors Fixed compatibility issues with WP 4.