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Strong company policies , good quality products , antiquated computer system , definitely needs a modern up grade. Busy store.

Absolutely full price policy. No customer discounts. Must have better quality personal. Fun place to work with a high paced environment. Most challenging is to maintain the operations flow on schedule.

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Must be able to multi-task and work in a team environment. Looks can be deceiving. Owner makes it seem like he's an amazing guy with an amazing crew, but after being there you can definitely see an inner circle of buddies that can bend the rules and do as they please and the owner is okay with it, everyone else is expendable, come and go as management sees fit, do not recommend working there if you have any amount of self integrity.

Great place to work or to be a customer at. Midas was an amazing workplace filled with driven individuals who taught me many skills and helped guide me to solutions on solving problems. Management was phenomenal and was again helpful and lead their team well.

doorpriterce.ga Midas welcomed me in for a work experience program I did through school and i would recommend them as an employer or to do a work experience course with. Its an automotive shop.. Working the counter.. If you are alone, do not expect to be able to get away for your lunch. Expect to be ''required'' to work 11 hours a day no overtime.

As an automotive shop its not all that bad otherwise, but there is alot of pressure about making more money, cutting back on wages, expecting more for less.. Positive Environment. The managers were incredibly kind and had friendly relationships with most of the customers making it a very positive environment. The staff work as a tight team and also like to have their fun at work while staying professional.

Good place to work. It's a great place to start your automotive career. Comfortable environment. I did co-op there. Not too bad tbh. The owners of the company were new to the automotive field when they purchased the company, but within 5 years of owning this company it was and still is today a desired place to be employed at. Fast paced and Learned a lot! Great program, learned a ton.

Days go by so fast as it was always busy where I was.

Had a great manager to work for and he was very knowledgable on business and customer service. Amazing place to work. All the guys are amazing to work with and take the time to teach me the trade. Being the only girl in the shop they make me feel very comfortable and include me in all the work.

Family run business. Gave me opportunity to deal with public. Analyze problems and recommend repairs. The shop was always busy so made the work day go by fast.

Midas in Fort Worth, TX

Utilized time management skills to ensure jobs were done in a timely manner ensuring jobs were done correctly. Very Productive. Gave me opportunity to deal with public. Analyze problems and recommend repairs. The shop was always busy so made the work day go by fast. Utilized time management skills to ensure jobs were done in a timely manner ensuring jobs were done correctly.

Very Productive. Typical day are easy. I learned a lot of new ways to fix automobiles. Management was really nice. The hardest part of the job was tires. Most enjoyable part learning about other workers. A cutthroat place to work. Management feeds their pets everyone else get oil changes and bogus jobs. Not a wise move for anyone unless its for resume padding.

Backstabbing is the norm. Sad but true. Good employer. MIdas was a good clean work place. Fair pay and good treatment. I would recommend it to others looking for work in automotive industry.

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Over all good place to work. Good garage. They work well, carefully and they are very responsible for their customers. They have good reputations and it is clean their, only salary is a little low. Typical day at work. Always keeping busy doing what needed to be done of me in the trade while working at Midas.

Taken procedures to even be put on calling list to call customers back for work to be done. Regular shop, respectful employees and employers. Difficult Staff, Difficult Owners. This review speaks for the store that I worked at and NOT the company as a whole. Technicians were not friendly, lied to staff and refused to teach female apprentices. Management encouraged misleading customers as to the in total cost of repairs and hired staff under the table.

Midas Auto Service Experts in Frisco, TX

Local clientel may leave a hole in your pocket. The location I worked at has never been profitable - unfortunately the clients I dealt with on a daily basis were extremely hard to make any meaningful sale with. Many expected prices for simple things such as oil changes to be lower than the cost of the materials and labor for the time it took to do the job. The company has a reputation to many for just doing oil changes, when many shops are equipped to do a wide range of services.

The quarterly distributed corporate Midas coupons might be to blame for that outlook. Work itself was fairly comfortable. Often one's day would be composed of changing oil on at least four vehicles, replacing around 4 sets of brakes, repairing a puncture in a tyre, and seasonal tyre changeovers. I personally never felt overworked, even after a long day of repeatedly doing oil changes. Locations tend to be in high traffic areas - should always have work, my boss bought lunch for everyone working in the shop. There's a stigma build on the Midas brand that leaves mobility at a minimum.

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